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FILM # 10

and more from the ongoing
one sided saga
of a crush. press or squeeze with a force that destroys or deforms. squeeze or pound into small fragments or particles, as ore, stone, etc. force out by pressing or squeezing; extract: to crush cottonseeds in order to produce oil. rumple; wrinkle; crease. smooth or flatten by pressure: to crush leather. hug or embrace forcibly or strongly: He crushed her in his arms. destroy, subdue, or suppress utterly: to crush a revolt. overwhelm with confusion, chagrin, or humiliation, as by argumentation or a slighting action or remark; squelch. oppress grievously.
10.Archaicto finish drinking (wine, ale, etc.).
–verb (used without object) become crushed. advance with crushing; press or crowd forcibly.
13.the act of crushing; state of being crushed.
14.a great crowd: a crush of shoppers.
15.Informal. intense but usually short-lived infatuation.
b.the object of such an infatuation: Who is your latest crush?

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FILM # 9

{a letter in motion}

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(in sexy voice) for a good time...go to BEEPBEEPGALLERY.COM 
Put on your hoods, grab your axe,
and follow the bread-crumb trail
because March 29th-April 20th Beep Beep Gallery
presents:Deep Dark Woods featuring new work by 
Lisa Kemp,
Baxter Crane, 
and Kim Feigenbaum. 
This show focuses on that unknown expanse of forest
that makes up the geography of folk-lore and fantasy,
from the Baba Yaga and Grendel
to the Big Bad Wolf 
and the Witch in the Gingerbread House.
While each artist varies greatly in styles
and materials, the work they've created for this show
is linked by a common thread of child-like wonder and awe. 
For information on the artists, visit their websites:
Baxter works for us, and is really talented, but doesn't
have anything online except for this from a previous Beep
Beep show:

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I made this and felt naked having it on my i took it off..and decided to bring it back. HERE I AM! the good and the bad. the smelly, the messy, the beautiful, the snotty, the sticky, the bewildered, the selfish, the tragically dramatically normal, the human. just like you and youandyouandyou.......
or as my mom puts it: "the hormone-soaked tea bag"

MUSIC by WHITE MOON song title ELI