Friday, February 29, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2 in 2

Lorenzo Fonda's film: 2 in 2
B E A U T I F U L beautifulbeauitifulfolks just beautiful. How he met his gal, made this film for her.
i HEARTSHAPE piano and also romanticismness. yes new word. Im lazy tonight.
from site:

p.s. new film in making. 
theme hint: VAGINAS

Friday, February 22, 2008

amends portrait and more pages

This is an amends sent to NY couple weeks back. First portrait from photo in a long time.
This from life (much preferred at time being) She was actually sitting and probably meditating at time, but I discovered when flipped she looked like she was dead, or perhaps sleeping. very interesting indeed.
illustrated notes from lecture at Portfolio Center yesterday morning. Speaker was a NY designer named Ken. He carried his sketch book into the delivery room and had doctor re-ink and re-stamp his newborn twins feet on his pages for that day. 
It's that type of obsessive and determined creative documenting that I relate to. 
It's almost feril the way I draw people constantly. 
If im not capturing life in ink or graphite, I am capturing in camera lens or film. 
And if not these, I will in words. 

more pages

from sister

Robin has left a new comment on your post "AUSTIN OR BUST!": 

don't forget to tell the people you used french sign language instead of american...on asian paper.
did you know you can take sign language as your foreign language at uga? 
cool beans 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not mine...but worth watching

Jimbo is 13. All he can think about is one girl, Sarah Jane. And no matter what stands in his way - bullies, violence, chaos, zombies - nothing is going to stop him from finding a way into her world. Directed by Spencer Susser.
Found this on one of my frequented blogs lead by a Jason Drakefield...he's all about film and animation and the general creative life. 
This video was so good I thought, on many levels and it certainly "inspires me to be more" 
Killing zombies may not ever make it on my list of things to accomplish in life, but making a film such as this, is.
I hope you who frequent my blog (the few the proud) enjoy it as i have. :) cheers!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


one thing i did product via video. drew hands on asian newspaper and used exterior wood glue to paste to car...stenciled in circles prior, splattered silver from cupped hands as final touch. made post card. tried to write a haiku to go on postcard. failed. went to horsepark and trained to be a volunteer. fell in love with horses all over again. talked with mom about going to Art Outside in Austin's Enchanted Forest and felt suddenly underprepared. anyone with camping advice- send it my way. plans got as far as bring van and mattress and a whole lotta spray paint and graphite and paper and glue. and water. and some sandwiches. and my friend amy. clothes. anyways. my hands are covered in paint and i smell like horses. and barn. going to meet with friend in east atlanta tonight and then zzzzzzzzzzz. haven't done any 'homework' ie) writing monologue about a person in a photograph that i know nothing about. and reading a bunch of stuff. OH WAILY! pity pity on me! reading and writing? oh whats a girl to do? with such adversity abundant in

more later on the morning's pages

Friday, February 15, 2008

todays view

view from couch inside octane coffee shop in west atlanta with mom on gallery stroll. had orange cake and roobius tea. Homeless and shelterless greeted us on every corner and lead to uneasy vibe on strange brightly colored day. wondering in and out of freshly painted gallery walled rooms and onto quiet streets and sidewalks, smells of coffee grinds and urine intermixing...pleasant talks with 'lonely' gallery overseeers (woah- how does that word work?) glassy eyed tattered lookin men askin questions in a amnesiac manner..."oh dears" and "nice to meet yous" float through the air above castleberry..a woman with blond weave on cell phone touches air in front of my charcoal dress with pointed finger and exclaims "thats a cute drayess!" then continues with conversation on phone as we stroll on by.. one gallery showed various items shrink wrapped in ziplock bags hung in grid on wall. I shook my inner head and tried to find acceptance. One of my most favored and savored of phrases (and sometimes hated) is "ya don't have to like something to acccept it" long time spent thinking i had to like things in order to accept them. I also thought I wasn't supposed to resent. that did not work  very well either. 

day ended with nap and strange crisp dreams in mottled dark tone about being shelterless and wondering the very same streets I had wondered earlier in my charcoal dress, 'cept with  bleeding cankers in my mouth and small dog by my side.  chain link fences and trenches, backs of small shops and bridge underbellies. dreams are like faded memories and dejavues (sp?) this one was eerie and it took me a couple hours to suddenly realize that i was anxious about bleeding sores that did not even exist. just a dream
just a dream

first of book #8

the last of another book...on to the 8th!

the first doodle (black and white) is from work... moments spent between diligent register cashiering and assorted customer servicing 

my co-workers and I cannot seem to stop the madness that burns within

 ie) doodleness flows daily..we have quite the collection developing. this just one of the many. One could call it a colony even..the colorful and eclectic papers growing feverishly beside register #1..snug between "the book of no sku"(pronounced skew) and foamcore price sheet....

maybe i'll capture a few and attempt to tame with camera.. for display purposes only of course.

update on shedding of pastiepoo. red grease penciled detail...(red-grease-pencil is that not so delicious...those words?yeahyeahyeah)

more from the walk

the walk from a couple days ago

up up sideways down down

Monday, February 11, 2008

last nights scribbles

daily scribbles

the four corners (and one under)

noted: common thread surfacing here: piles of pattern, bright color, and chaos. WHOOPIE!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

1/2 sheet of paper

the steam like a cloud purr
rising from the bank
with a backdrop of the city's mirrored tempest
things i want
-a good pen on my dash
-a good song on the radio
-a clear day

Friday, February 8, 2008

FILM # 4 (shat in two evenings)

Theme: god passes gas too 

Cast: Early Bird aka EARLY (the biggest, front & center)
B-Boy Bird aka B-BOY (the wide-eyed backup bird next to Early)
Hank aka Hankford (the 1st one eaten, meets God)
the other bird (no name, just explodes)

Opening Scene:
((Gofer eats bird; Hank(ford))

Early: "Holy-Crap"
Hank: "YES"
Early: "Is that you?"
Hank: "YES"
B-Boy: "Woah"
other: "Woah"
Early: "Dude"
Hank: "YES"
B-Boy: "Quit"
Hank: "OK"
"I gotta go guys"
Early: "Ok"
Hank: ((POOF))
Early: "What the F was that?"
B-Boy: "I dunno"       

Hank: "God?"
God: "YES"
Hank: "Did you just call me Hankford?"
God: "YES"
Hank: "Oh"
God: ((TOOT))


Early: "Did you just..."
B-BOY: "Hear something, yeah, yeah I did"
Early: ((SNIFF SNIFF))


FILM # 3

if i never see this film or hear the main song play through again, i'll be ok. DONE, as in don't wanna F*&K with it anymore, so it's D-O-N-E! done done done.

hope ya'll like...

it's taken a peice of my sanity to create.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

strange day

the aftermath left on my hands after evening filled with war images, graphite, brown paper, white wax and ink. More posting of work later...
Silence in cyber world due to late night filming & editing... all i have to show for it so far is an organ sewn of partly digested images, song, and fragments of voices. 
words seem foreign to me today and my moods have jolted from estatic with bubbles to full on jacket of fear filled with pockets of wild eyed haunts of being murdered. fear of death. of abduction. 
Canceled date and joined internet dance..tunnel vision has descended upon me
got accepted to "ARTOUTSIDE" the week long art festival/show being held in Austin TX in March. F^&$&^% YEAH! bouncing in my chair.
perhaps some time in morning shall be put aside for meditation scribbles.
ah sanity.
and war