Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


with Anu Garg


(boo-struh-FEED-n, -FEE-don) 

noun: A method of writing in which lines are written alternately in opposite direction, from left to right, and right to left. 

From boustrophedon, literally ox-turning, referring to the movement of an ox while plowing a field, from bous (ox) and strophe (turning). It's the same strophe that shows up in catastrophe (literally, an overturning) and apostrophe (literally, turning away, referring to the omission of a letter). 

In such writing, each letter on the alternate lines was written as in a mirror image or rotated 180 degrees. We still do many things boustrophedonically, such as mowing the lawn, vacuuming the floor, etc. In many computer printers, such as dot-matrix and inkjet, the print head usually moves in the boustrophedon mode (though thankfully doesn't print letters mirrored or rotated). 

Sophie & Howie

Howie & Sophie

last nights collabo

t0p piCture taken by Ben Gra

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

tonight's sketch

Candace McAfrica!

Candace goes to Africa dinner pictures! Candace in black with shorn head (buddist) and will be shortly leaving for Africa! My fondest leaving memory thus far is Candace boppin around the club like an elegant charlie Brown. I love u Candace, I'll see you in two years! (maybe tomorrow? collabodoodle?)

me before headin to a children's party where i was no longer EMILY KEMPF, i was FANCY NANCY! hooray! and my car died on the there. HOORAY! hello public transit and friends kindness!

'Collabodoodle' & 'Blowin Smoke'

WHERE: 5-SPOT! Euclid Ave. (two doors down from Java Lords)
WHY: local animation and doodling/sidewalk chalking
HOW: FREE! free! FREE! free!
WHO: local creatives. maybe even some unlocal creatives. who knows!

folks it's usually held at Java Lords, but tomorrow in leu of the fabulousness that is ANIMATION showing at 5-SPOT we just had to move it next door. 

Blowin' Smoke, ASIFA-Atlanta's showcase of locally-produced commercial animation.
It's at the Five Spot at 8pm- no cover!

QUESTIONS? email em 
theskirt@gmail :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

THE best one thus far.

now, now, i know there were a lot of these, 
but this one is my favorite. 
THANKS to the world famous
Brett W. Thompson, 
This is the final song 
"Uncle Paul says shake that ass" 
w/ special backstage footage
sound clips from Sirius bee 
(long blond hair white mustache) 
speaking of his day serving our great country
during his call to jury duty. 
After which he played this concert.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

the goings on in atown

noot d' noot @ Earl (East Atlanta) album release party

and tommorow, the place to be is:

BEEP BEEP GALLERY 696 Charles Allen Dr.
"A Paradise for Couples Only"
July 12 - August 3

Ann-Marie Manker and Jason R. Butcher, members of the Golden Blizzard art collective, have teamed together to create a show of collaborations and contrasting personal works based on themes of love, beauty, and desire as well as death, violence, and aggression.


Come by the WonderRoot Community Arts Center this saturday night for a party to benefit MINT Gallery!!!

There will be awesome music by:
Silent Kids
Vera Fang
Andre Paraguassu
Dog Bite

DJ Set by Chad Radford

Great local art by:
Ashley Anderson
Andre Paraguassu
Victoria Warren
Emily Maxwell
Ariel Day
Craig Henderson

Starts at 8:00... music at 8:30.... $5....7/12/08.....982 Memorial Dr.

Sunday there will be an afternoon of crafts by the Atlanta Craft Mafia!! $2..noon.

sketchbook work

sketchbook work