Monday, March 17, 2008


amie paintin'/wall before pasties...


yeaaaaaaaah. weeee.

bands from London and Spain playin' Southern bluegrass and country folk songs...

unrolled giant sheets of white paper onto stage floor in front of bands and using graphite and a bit of mars black acrylic wash I drew the musicians all day as they played...a beautiful experience had by all.  Rather naked feeling while drawin a couple guys from 'The Barker Band' outta London, as they were staring at me as I stared at them to capture their essence. Sweated as they flung commentary freely. The experience was tinted with sensual sort of charge and forced a determined sort of focus out of me. I made lots of squinchy faces. Threw back comments about their "difficult noses!" sheesh. Turned around on paper and continued drawin band on stage. Guy w/ beard is named Felix, also outta London. 
results of this work on sheet metal entrance gate to the forest. (First of AO//08 posts: look BELOW)

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