Sunday, July 13, 2008

Candace McAfrica!

Candace goes to Africa dinner pictures! Candace in black with shorn head (buddist) and will be shortly leaving for Africa! My fondest leaving memory thus far is Candace boppin around the club like an elegant charlie Brown. I love u Candace, I'll see you in two years! (maybe tomorrow? collabodoodle?)

me before headin to a children's party where i was no longer EMILY KEMPF, i was FANCY NANCY! hooray! and my car died on the there. HOORAY! hello public transit and friends kindness!


Brett W. Thompson said...

I'm so very happy that Fancy Nancy and Candace McAfrica exist :)

Anonymous said...

and I am happy that Brett exsists! Hi, Em!!! I will be looking for updates in your life while I am gone. I like that you are alive very much!