Monday, August 11, 2008

collabo, pockets, & pile

WHAT: Collabodoodle (collaberation doodling w/ assorted a-town creatives, paint markers and table top boards provided)
WHEN: 9-11pm
WHERE: Java Lords (in the alley patio)
1105 Euclid Ave.

what you need to BRING: yourselves & your friends!
and also acoustic instruments. drums are needed, a tambourine would be nice, a shaker maybe. guitar...key board...vocals? whatever!
SPECIAL PERFORMANCE OF THE BACK POCKETS and we want you to join in! come doodle and play music!

WHAT: Excited Pile performance practice
WHEN: 6-8pm (I hate traffic, so I will be in Lil Five Points around 4pm jamming me if you also arrive early)
WHERE: Wonder Root 
982 Memorial Dr.

what you need to BRING: instruments! instruments! instruments! 
of any shape size make kind loud soft small large pretty ugly old new vintage toy homemade. whatever! We now have a couple parctices under our belts and a set list has begun to appear. Please bring your ideas for songs or skits or visual flair and add to the pile!  

**NOTE** THIS IS THE 2ND TO LAST OPEN PRACTICE, NEXT TUESDAY AUG. 18TH WILL BE THE LAST CHANCE FOR YOU TO JOIN IN ON THE PILE. so grab yerself a dern instrument and join! we also practice other places on other days, so if yous in, you gotta be IN (know what i mean jellybeans).
we've done 2 impromptu performances with the material we've made so far- SO COME ON IN FOLKS! JOIN THE WE! come play w/ us in the streets! in the basements! atop painted vans!

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