Saturday, September 6, 2008



The secret is now out about The Back Pockets. Simply stated, one of the most eclectic, original and unique groups in America today. On Friday, September 5, The Back Pockets performed their first show to a receptive but small crowd at Wonder Root, in Atlanta. If you were there then you no doubt walked away feeling good after this show.

The Back Pockets is composed of the following members: 
EM, the head creative,set designer,vocalist,songwriter
LINDSEY, mandarin,vocalist,songwriter
MARTY, lead guitar,sound technician
DANNY, bass,vocalist,songwriter
CONOR, banjo,vocalist,songwriter
RYAN, drums,vocalist
JEFF, doumbek,vocalist
AVIVA, keyboard,vocalist,trumpet,songwriter

Collectively, this is quite a talented group.

There is a second show scheduled sometime in early December, I think it's the 6th. The location will be Eyedrum. If you missed this singularly spectacular performance at Wonder Root, then you must see their next performance. It will astound you.

Musically speaking it is difficult, at best, to label this band. Their influences come from everywhere. The set began with a Sanskrit bhajan, and ended with a raucous song about pubic hair. In between, there was a mix of bluegrass, smoky jazz and pure energetic rock. It's simply impossible to label this music, except to say its a positive experience. In the words of EM, "Don't put me in a box, man."

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conor said...

haha we're one of the most unique groups in america!?!

J and ummm, B said...

Can you name even one other group that is as unique? :)