Wednesday, November 21, 2007

* the unfiltered

woke up. just woke up. had some dreams, the french were there, Tim S. was there. I think I woke up an hour and 20 minutes after my alarm went off first time wondering why it hadn't gone off again with that sinking feeling that I was late. too quiet in the house. checked phone, turns out I wasn't too late. 7:22 A.M.
read an email last night that reminded me of emails I used to write when um. awake many days. like, throw a bunch of words into a pile resembling a paragraph. let the sentences sort it out. the people will see the genius through the mess. yeah right. It looks overstimulated, undisclipined, and insane. Spent hours. HOURS on the damn gmail. writing myself and to my boyf. (like that..boyf? did you see "sesh" earlier? like sessions..yeah. I can do that man. no really- if people can make up words such as Tofurkey and Turdunkin I sure as hay can hipsterchop words)
omg-oodness no she di'nt, yes i diiiiiii-d
..So a few good words would sometimes make their manic way near eachother, accidentaly bearing semi-delicious tidbits of reason in a catastrophic tangle of sleep deprevation presenting itself as an email. to oneself. for the 67th time in 4 hours. that was an egsageration. and I can't spell. that word.
actually this blog, it kinda reminds me of those days. maybe it wasn't the um. awakness, so much as my style at life (and writing) just throw it all in and see what happens, wing-it until it becomes really really apparent that planning and measuring would be benificial. maybe. just a little. everything may come out in the wash, but uh, some ironing and folding and putting away neatly into drawers is also needed. working on those wrinkles folks. work-ing on them.

THIS IS EM K saying in type...goodnight and sleep tight. (as in cool. not as in the opposite of loose)

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