Monday, December 24, 2007

*p a g e s after pages my friends

Above is one of my first ever screen prints, and my arm..not screenprinted but drawn on w/ a sharpie. I would be covered head to toe with tattoos if it weren't for sharpies and microns and ballpoints. It's a mole by the way, not a vole. On the shirt, not my arm. Actually on my arm too; if you look real close. But not the animal kind, the skin kind. I call it my heroin mole. Though I don't shoot drugs. It's just right on the vein though, I mean, I don't know if I could call it anything else. People might ask, "hey what's that, on your arm?" I'd just respond really calm like, "oh that. That's just my heroin mole"

I dislike editing as much as erasing. Which is why I use a lot of pens and markers and not so much pencils when I work. I don't like planning either. I always try to wing it first and work on impulse (especially with photography) before I will settle in with a ruler or tape or a stillness before a leap. But I just like the immediacy of it and the fact that there really are no mistakes and I have to work with what I’ve got and if I've got a bloody mess I've got to run with the bloody mess.
I've edited some of the words written on some of my sketches for personal reasons.
I feel as though I have cheated some how, but it had to be done. I guess that is why I am writing this now. I cannot stand to lie if I am aware of the truth. Doesn't mean I always tell it, the truth that is; I just get really uncomfortable with lies. Like sometimes to the point of severe physical, mental, and spiritual pains. (super duper dramatic ya'll) Like contraptions before birthing a baby..F-kin HURTS like a biatch, then the beautiful and super raw truth comes out, screaming and kicking. And its beautiful...and raw. And the truths just laying there like an unexpected and glorious guest, shiny and fresh but with a timeless and old world sort of smell permeating from its honest little pores. And you want to love and hate it at the same time.
I also wanted to mention the editing because I did not want it to be thought that I change my art via digital anything. Digital things sometimes make me feel queasy inside. I love paper and ink as much as I love my skin.

That’s all GOODNIGHT FELLOW WORLDIANS--tommorow is Christmas Eve and I have grand plans for printing!
*also look forward to a piece on holiday retail... comming soon, if my fresh batch of unsightly sarcasm doesn't wane in the next couple.

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