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you may ask yerself; what's she hootin n' hollerin about?

in their words...

Calling ALL Artists for the 4th Annual Art Outside Brouhaha! March 6th – 16th   2008. 
To take part in AO08 Go Here-

Ladies and gentlemen of the art world, we are seeking any and all creative humans who use their skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others. That is, we are looking for those whose life is art, and everything they do is DIY.  We are searching for those who are creating the Hand-Made Nation. We are calling !ALL! make-believers, dreamers and reality re-arrangers. We are searching hi and low for lowbrow-urban-contemporary-pop-surrealism,  pop art, op art, hard-edge, lyrical abstraction, post minimalism, which might be interpreted by some to mean that we are looking only for painters, but that is most definitely not the case. For you see, of course, we need masters of typography, sketchers, illustrators, satirical stencilers, screen printing is way cool, and yes, you too, graffiti fools. Do you manipulate earth/land/sand/plants/junk into art? Then we have a home for you. Every culture jammer in the hood. Now we know, some of you may be saying “What about Dadas’ Dadaists, though?” Of course we are calling all inspired by DADA- that’s what gave us the fluxists, productivism, neoplasticism, pittura, metafisica, arbeitsrat and quite possibly Bauhaus. Well, we are looking for all of “you”, if any of you still exist. Now one may wonder… What about the cubist? We say, “But of course.” Conceptualist? Indeed. Instalationists? Please! One might ask if we are seeking anything that might fall under postmodernist modernist modernisnist who are not distracted by abstractionists and others IST’S. Of course there is always impressionism, post-minimalism, pre-contemporaryism, and expressionism. Are you working in symbolism or surrealism or any of the other -isms that we have not yet mentioned? Well come out. But wait that’s not all, that could not possibly be all this call for ARTE is all about? Well, Dali you’re right. This call goes out to kinetic sculptors, fire sculptors, sound artists bending invisible waves, and video projectionists playing with light. We must invite the minds of the poets and their spoken slam voices, along with improv comedians who mimic the true history of time. Or was that the klown? How can we forget about the klowns! Performers “performing” art, puppeteers with their puppets, musicians making sounds. Oh, and least we forget outsider artists wanting to be outside.

In short, we invite all the conceivable movements, modes, and theories of art known to wo/man. We say to you, the Artisans of the world who wish to unite because the world needs ART, because the world’s not right, It is time. Your window of opportunity is now. Our space is your blank canvas. Your dreams are our inspiration. You and your art are invited to take part in this epic artistic endeavor.

The world may be going to hell… So let’s make some art. 

To take part in AO08 Go Here

P.S. If we happened to have forgotten any form of ART in this call for art then we do deeply apologize. Please note that you too are invited.

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