Saturday, March 10, 2012


Lam is playing a plastic recorder (so badly) in the bus as Christopher drives for his first time (not so badly) Haley & I are both sitting at table (built by dad, of course yay daaad!!!) typing away at our laptops, bloggeristas for sure.
We just finished our first Kroger band shopping for groceries together experience. I had to consult the pharmecist about a nasty cold sore which has been setting up a homeland colony on my mouth (GROSS!) more later….
OK! We played an awesome short set in a record store called Grimey’s , to a small crowd of folk. Mr. Mike Grimey himself loved us, and wants us back! My amp broke during the set and we didn’t pass drumsticks at end of set out due to respect for the retail environment we were in. I chugged a can of chicken noodle soup (per doctors orders!) before we played as well as coconut water.

OK so we finished the show at Grimey’s and then headed to Christopher’s friends house (the noa noa house!!) where tommy & trey live. Tommy’s in a band called squarepeople. They played a set as well as trey. Trey had a bunch of pedals & a guitar & crazy moog. His music was very honest & sweet & dazey. Like meditative noise jam layers. Square people’s music was fast & complicated & noisey & jazzy. The lead singer alternated sing-talk & raspy screaming. It was awesome. Lily & the Tigers played a beautiful set bathed in red lights. I swear Casey’s voice gets more beautiful every time I hear her sing.

Next morning, we backed the bus out of Tommy’s yard and hit both mirrors in separate attempts to get the sucker out onto the road. We drove to an amp repair store & the magical man there fixed my amp & derek’s bass (which had started to break during our Chattanooga set) We met a guy named Wallie in the shop who was an “infamous writer” for the Nashville scene, and had been for many many years. He was really nice, they both were. They nicknamed me “bandma”.
The rest of band was across street in a playground having a ball & playing with bills cameras. You can view this footage on our tour tube

Sorry my writing is kindo of boring and reportive like. I haven’t written in a while, it feels really rusty. And im writing from inside a shaky bus full of people.
Right now I am dj in the front, playing kettle, cat power, jimi Hendrix, the knife… Christopher is driving again (he LOVES driving- go figure!). We are on the way to Mississippi to playa show in Starkville at a place called Dave’s Dark Horse, where I hear they will feed us for free if we get there in time :)!! Yea! Orion is discussing theater options, projector, shadow play, mad scientist. someone keeps farting and it smells like dog farts. really really long consistent flow of dog farts.

Love you mom! Love you dad! Miss you robin! Hi parker :)


Virginia said...

Miss you! Love you! Watch out for broken mirrors!

ARod said...

skanky bloggeristas...LOVE IT!