Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DAY 4- MURCHISON TX Kickin it in the pines

“Everything I need today shall be provided-everything”
Sitting on a stump covered in pine needles in a deep pine forest full of symmetrical rows of trees. The air smells of sweet pine, the ground is soft like a mattress, thick with needles. Sounds of distant machines can be heard humming lazily through the air. The wind is like a gentle tunnel above the trees, whirling with softness above my head, the sound waves making their way from the edges of my small pink ear, through my head and out the other, my mind a conch shell, holding the breath of the forest like an ocean. Voices in conversation, birds of all kinds with the wings of bugs all layering & weaving through the trees, punctuated only by an occasional muffled hammer. The sun is hitting my knees, my shoulders, my face as I sit and read my meditation books, straight kickin it in the pines.

We filmed pieces of our movie in the woods today. Everyone wearing colorful face paint & tutus on their heads & hips, Ryan had a shield & a sword. The boys were shirtless, the girls barefoot. We ran throught the pines, some people on other people’s shoulders, we hugged eachother, we made silly noises, and we filmed it all. It was magical. We were staying on the property of Joey, who used to run diy shows outta Grapevine Tx at a place pause play. Joey Kendel & his wife Kendal (yes) are the most amazing awesome people. She has a vintage website (http://www.yeahvintage.com.) and he makes music in a barn all day :)

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