Thursday, March 22, 2012

DAY 6-15 sxswendies to los angeles

DAY 6- HOUSTON TX superhappyfunland – a giant painted warehouse filled with clothes and murals, and raggity anne doll installations, and homemade chilli & poopy longstuffing and brian, and loracks of magic marker & always all bands no outside people, great stage loud sound system, and trains running out back in the middle of nowhere Houston. We never make money, but always have fun. Well, we made money one time.

Sxsw is easy to explain, but one cannot really know what sxsw is like, unless one is actually there. Throngs of hipsters, the most densely concentrated epicenter of neon tank tops, flowy sheer skirts & shirts, stripes, black combat boots, 80’s exercise jackets, tattoos, more tattoos, tattoos, and more tattoos. And some more tattoos. Half buzzed heads, long bleached locks, paper wristbands crawling up tanned arms, badges hanging in clumps around low v-necked collarbone exposed chests, tall socks, 70s shades, pierced noses, lips, eyebrows, tongues, mint green nail polish, ciggarettes, more ciggerettes, backpacks in plaids, and tapestry, and grandma laura Ashley, fannypacks in blacks, browns, bright orange & green, and a low din of several hundred bands playing at all times all on top of each other all around the city, ebbing in flowing in intensity & loudness as you walk or drive by this place or that. We played 2 shows a day (a very moderate amount compared to last years 9 or maybe it was 11 shows? In 2 days) We left Houston after we played and got to austin at like 6am. We parked our bus at SXSWENDIES a diy guerilla generator run show spot, hosted by our friends tyler & Charlie from Murfreesboro TN of owl head collective (, blastoids, dark sister, meth dad all christopher’s homies! They had their bus (the rad bus). Neil Fridd & Greg Ferris of Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt ( & Cats in the Basement had their bus (the lisa tank) and we had ours (cloud 9) at least for the first night. SXSWENDIES ( was on the corner of brushy & 6th, or maybe it was 5th, cant remember..right on the edge of mayhem. 6th st is where everything is, the streets are closed off and shows rage up and down at every establishment and corner. People (hipsters) fill every square inch of the pavement, black & grey. All the shows we played went well for the most part, the overwhelming common thread was the sound guys/systems sucked ass, but whatever, we did the best we could.
We wore face paint, we screamed, we danced, we go-pro’d like anything and everything (fans, tents, drumsticks, water bowls, drums, cymbol stands, ) again see all this action on our youtube channel (( We stayed up till 4am and partyed hard, it was amazing & exhausting. I got to see marshall, one of my top 5 favorite people, and his band played darkdarkdark at a place called the frontier bar. We walked a mile to get there and dance our bootys off to awesome djs in the yard. I told nona that “hear me” was one of my top all time favorite songs, and that I listened to it really loud in my apartment full blast on repeat all the time & everyone in my apartment building probably knew the song REALLY well by now.
Here is another song by them, because i cant find the "hear me" on the webs

Before we left Austin we got to swing by gaybygaygay which is the queer sxsw, where lam was interviewing people, (christeene)
for his queer thesis for school. It was like way the fuck out there in the boonies outside Austin in a giant bonnoroo festival style field, we had to follow little wooden signs nailed to telephone poles to find the place. We met Vermin from philly in the parking lot, who everyone in my band knew, but I had no idea who he was. ( I guess he’s an internet sensation and ran for president and promised everyone ponies or something. We took lots of pictures of him next to the bus with all of us, they are super awesome fish eye lens viewpoint. His “campaign manger offered us a 2nd show in philly & a place to crash, super exciting! After we scooped lam up (one of his roller skate shows had broken in the grassy fileds of gbgg, nooo!) we drove to our last show in a recording studio run by lucy the poodle productions. We met an awesome girl named Lauren in a band called les rav and got in trouble for climbing up on the walls (theater). David gets dropped off at airport & we head to fort worth.

DAY 11- FORT WORTH TX wherehouse w/ sam’s band & rusty maples from las vegas
We play music until wee hours of morning, we make new friends from vegas, we play a “7 deadly sin set” 7 songs matched by theater with each of the 7 deadlies.

DAY 12- ROSWELL NM – shot abduction scene in desert at night, we camped out at the bottomless lakes, saw tumble weeds, winding desert roads, sand dunes, canyon cliffs, watering holes…pictures to come *kris & kelly leave us to go home (

DAY 13- TUSCON AZ – dry river w/ netherfriends & terror pigeon!!!!)We rocked faces off with our best band buddies Sean from Netherfriends & Neil from Terror Pigeon. AND ZACH BURBA WAS THERE! Yes! We were playing at a diy anarchist collective place that was soon to be shutting down (sad!) but had been running for 6 years!! (cool!) I got pins from neil that say “cool butt” and “party time” and one that said “butt power with a triangle. We slept at a drummers compound house place that looked like a squatter house kind of (also a diy show space) and I met with my friends bill in the morning, er rather afternoon. It was on “the # 10” and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing! I came back to my band mates relaxed and nicer.

*(written yesterday on bus)*
Driving down highway sunset, the mountains silhouettes on the skyline, endless, mountains. Trains running with mustard, rusty red, black brown & grey cars, racing against us & the wind, The wind, oh the wind! So strong and constant, buffeting its paws against the thin blue walls of our cloud bus. We decided its name was cloud 9 :) Phyllis the psychic said 9 was a good # anyways and there are exactly 9 of us on the bus now, we count down every time we leave to go somewhere, im 8. Right now I am sitting at the bus table, Orion across from me, braids & a yellow flower in his hair, rainbow shiny confetti spirit gummed all over his face, and is currently spirit gumming/confetting Stephs face. She’s making little kid noises of protest and scuinching her noise up a lot- confetti is totally everywhere. She lost her camera in a graveyard today, and spilled Christopher's almonds everywhere on bus. The way I see it, pickin your battles is the steady theme of this tour, we got a long time to go before we get off this bus and I would like to remain friends with everyone., so spilt almonds- no biggee. Bill has his headphones on and his laptop out, most likely editing film like a madman, Earlier today he put cactus all over his face. He was sunburnt, and it was a real deal aloe cactus! It looked like he was spreading an alien claw all over his cheeks
Jared’s hair is down, long and dark, very beautiful. We visited his mom & aunt in Tuscon today. His Mom works for delta & gets to fly free and stuff, and she came out to our show last night along with a flock of jared’s relatives! She made us burritos, when we walked into the house there were two bags full of burritos, one said back pockets, and one said cartel. (Jared’s brother is is cartel, they were playin Tuscon the same night as us!) Jared’s mom is a super band momma :)

Tonight we play in Phoenix, at a house owned by the oldest gay canadian rapper. His name is Donald.

DAY 14- PHOENIX AZ – funny world home of oldest gay Canadian rapper alien, & Jason, of hug of war- super sweet band where he plays beats from a boom box & raps sweet songs about being yourself & aliens & his gay dad. Ryan Avery also played, a very akward and funny dude..but I think he was making fun of to our faces while we watched him.

DAY 15- onwards to cali
Today we drive to L.A., where we will party, go to beach, shop, hang out, relax for 4 days!!!

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