Sunday, March 11, 2012


We pull into a hotel motel parking lot, the bar exists here..somewhere. Christopher drove the whole way today, he gets out of car & collapses like a noodle on the sidewalk. I park the bus (im really good at parking things) and we all venture inside to find our free pizza & sniff out our new surroundings. The bar is large & old and totally a dive, packed full of Mississippi spring breakers, all drinking or already smashed excited about being at bar & being on spring break. Lam is scared to go inside and to the bathroom because he’s gay and apparently in some parts of this lovely country of ours, he is not appreciated for his uber awesomeness, and gets roughed up in men’s room sometimes. We told him to bring a knife in, and that we would all beat the crap out of anyone who dared lay a grubby hand on his beautiful exterior. I was in period blues land for the beginning of the evening as we struggled with the feedback screaming out from the pa, no one was around to help really, but we eventually figured it all out. Lily & the Tigers play another magical set, Casey, again even more beautiful than the last time. The bar told us we had to play from 12-1am and no stops especially in that time, as it was their busiest time. So we started at about 11:30 and by midnight had basically completed all our songs. We improved for an hour after thant, members of lily tigers came up & we jazz noised out the room. Haley & I were wearing beautiful sparkly glitter dresses, I had flowers in my hair & face paint under my eyes. I was in a very dark & gloomy place during our whole set but snapped out of it by the middle of the noise jazz jam. I held a mic up to Peter’s sax while playing with my delay pedal. Adam brought out his upright bass, and casey. Lam, Christopher, & alternated vocals. Lam was wearing a leotard with tights, his roller skate sneakers, and his awesome electronic cigarette (which he charges on the bus form the inverter my dad put on bus! Yea dad! At the end of the noise jam, I played a couple solo songs - sorrows, cannibal erotica, my demise. Someone asked for covers, and I responded, “I don’t do covers, im sure if you ask the 80% of other musicians who do, they will be happy to acquiesce. One guy told me I was the female kurt cobain which made me feel super cool. We made lots of money and shared with Lily Tigers and all was awesome! Bill TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY made a viral video of a guy named lee Jeffries (I think) spinning around with his hoola hoop (he attached a go-pro to it, and its TOTALLY UNREAL AND AMAZING AND I KNOW YOU WILL AGREE WITH ME WHEN YOU SEEEEEEE IT!!!) again to view go to our tour tube:
We drove the bus full of both bands, everyone singing & playing instruments, to the sleep spot, a recording studio down the street. We unfurled ourselves into the low ceiling rooms and continued jamming until early morning, with our new friends Miles & James. Christopher, Orion, Haley, & I drew a beautiful chalk drawing mural spanning an entire wall. Pictures to come, internet spotty, on bus table with orion & bill - laptop city up in here!! Tonight- we rest at Joey kendel’s place in Murchison TX. I hear there’s a treehouse…

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love love love the mural!