Friday, February 22, 2008

amends portrait and more pages

This is an amends sent to NY couple weeks back. First portrait from photo in a long time.
This from life (much preferred at time being) She was actually sitting and probably meditating at time, but I discovered when flipped she looked like she was dead, or perhaps sleeping. very interesting indeed.
illustrated notes from lecture at Portfolio Center yesterday morning. Speaker was a NY designer named Ken. He carried his sketch book into the delivery room and had doctor re-ink and re-stamp his newborn twins feet on his pages for that day. 
It's that type of obsessive and determined creative documenting that I relate to. 
It's almost feril the way I draw people constantly. 
If im not capturing life in ink or graphite, I am capturing in camera lens or film. 
And if not these, I will in words. 

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Anonymous said...

my ocd, correcting people__ feral
your meditating woman reminds me of the dead queen print. i like it