Saturday, February 16, 2008


one thing i did product via video. drew hands on asian newspaper and used exterior wood glue to paste to car...stenciled in circles prior, splattered silver from cupped hands as final touch. made post card. tried to write a haiku to go on postcard. failed. went to horsepark and trained to be a volunteer. fell in love with horses all over again. talked with mom about going to Art Outside in Austin's Enchanted Forest and felt suddenly underprepared. anyone with camping advice- send it my way. plans got as far as bring van and mattress and a whole lotta spray paint and graphite and paper and glue. and water. and some sandwiches. and my friend amy. clothes. anyways. my hands are covered in paint and i smell like horses. and barn. going to meet with friend in east atlanta tonight and then zzzzzzzzzzz. haven't done any 'homework' ie) writing monologue about a person in a photograph that i know nothing about. and reading a bunch of stuff. OH WAILY! pity pity on me! reading and writing? oh whats a girl to do? with such adversity abundant in

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Anonymous said...

don't forget to tell the people you used french sign language instead of american...on asian paper.
did you know you can take sign language as your foreign language at uga?
cool beans

Erik said...

It was great having you in Austin with us! You two did a magical job of helping to beautify our world and promote art. Thanks for all your efforts.