Friday, February 15, 2008

the last of another book...on to the 8th!

the first doodle (black and white) is from work... moments spent between diligent register cashiering and assorted customer servicing 

my co-workers and I cannot seem to stop the madness that burns within

 ie) doodleness flows daily..we have quite the collection developing. this just one of the many. One could call it a colony even..the colorful and eclectic papers growing feverishly beside register #1..snug between "the book of no sku"(pronounced skew) and foamcore price sheet....

maybe i'll capture a few and attempt to tame with camera.. for display purposes only of course.

update on shedding of pastiepoo. red grease penciled detail...(red-grease-pencil is that not so delicious...those words?yeahyeahyeah)

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