Tuesday, February 5, 2008

strange day

the aftermath left on my hands after evening filled with war images, graphite, brown paper, white wax and ink. More posting of work later...
Silence in cyber world due to late night filming & editing... all i have to show for it so far is an organ sewn of partly digested images, song, and fragments of voices. 
words seem foreign to me today and my moods have jolted from estatic with bubbles to full on jacket of fear filled with pockets of wild eyed haunts of being murdered. fear of death. of abduction. 
Canceled date and joined internet dance..tunnel vision has descended upon me
got accepted to "ARTOUTSIDE" the week long art festival/show being held in Austin TX in March. F^&$&^% YEAH! bouncing in my chair.
perhaps some time in morning shall be put aside for meditation scribbles.
ah sanity.
and war

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